Deep Cover


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You are now Vibin' to the Rhythm of Vithym


Verse 1:

Before the action, rest in peace Michael Jackson/ Movin' with true passion/ Dreaming of money havin'/ You on the road to riches and diamond rings/ Real niggas don't need bling/ All I need is the knowledge given/ Then I'm flippin' rules of the system/ Reaching out and touchin' the people like sex offenders/ I'm sexing your mind with truth/ Every time that I spew/ Lyrics that fly out the roof,of my cranium/ Jot my thoughts and turn the page to ash as I flame the pen/ Flick the ash off the blunt/ puff it till the space within/ my dome is at full capacity of weed smoke/ Exhale slow/ Back against the wall, you see hope for the future?/ I saw the past shoot the present with a 40 ruger/ It left it with a bloody, tragic, graphic, stunning future/ I dreamt of snorting coke while getting head from Medusa/ Beheaded the bitch after we did the Kamasutra/ Spotted lucifer shaking hands with God while the priest screamed hallelujah/ I'll send shots at the higher ruler/ Then watch him get chopped and chewed up/ By cannibals that were trapped and locked in the asylum for too long/ Take a walk down these gritty streets with your shoes off/ Feel the harsh reality that turned our hearts lukewarm/ One step further to seeing cold hearted newborns/ A whole generation of chaos/Dropping nuke bombs on other landscapes/ Its a mans world, this is what the man makes/ That man's a snake giving handshakes/ Fingers crossed, now see what that man takes/ He robbed your life and took your wife, now see a man break/ As the world keeps turnin'/ The pages keep turnin'/ Lost chapters are found, they contain unique sermons/ That are orchestrated with beats, they remain as deep verses/ I author pages with deep concentration and beats burstin' through the stereo/ Never gonna quick, ok so here we go/Been doing this since Leader's Of The New & Tribes'
Scenario/ Trying to avoid that lyrical,miracle,spiritual/ But trying to make noise and turn your head like a Merry Go-/ Round and round, I'm invading your whole town, its that BX sound hitting you with number rounds/ Pound for pound, you know I beat tracks down with them lightning strikes and hard rhymin' thunder sounds/ I got you suckers vibin', you're trapped in my insane asylum-/ Surrounded by my ocean thoughts, my mind is Shutter Island/ You try to escape? You'll hear the sounds of 100 sirens/ And double digit shots the cops shoot in our environment/ The shots keep firin'; the fire inside me rises/ Fire fighters can't stop it using every hydrant/ The fire's at its highest/ Now everyone's getting violent/Cuz they're getting burnt and their insides are fryin'/ So what you telling me?/ I'll leave everything burnt like the south section of my borough in the 70's/ So watch your step and come correct when you step to me/ Best believe I'll make you erase your own identity/

Hook: Yeah and you don't stop, cuz its 1-8-7 on the Oscar Grant cop/Yeah and you don't stop, cuz its 1-8-7 on them Sean Bell cops/Yeah and you don't stop, cuz its 1-8-7 on the Amadou cops/Yeah and you don't stop, cuz its 1-8-7 for every corrupt cop/

Outro *3x: I'm V-I-T-H-Y-M/The one who made your favorite rapper fall out of the top ten/


released January 9, 2011
Written by Osvaldo F. Lopez



all rights reserved


VITHYM Bronx, New York


1/4 of P.A.C (PullinAllCards), RDACBX member
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