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Song inspired by Saturday Night Live skit with Natalie Portman rapping over the beat used for this song


[Philoz] Verse 1:

Who's sporting this? / untameable style, hitting every angle and throwing darts over potent kicks/ If rap is sparring, man the war is sick/ went to sleep and dreamed of swerving whips with European origins/ we play hard, y'all claim stars but don't match the coordinates/ pardon me Albany, I'm state of the art, the capital's the location where the thoughts exist/ other words Andrew Cuomo ain't got shit on this/ tell politicians to roll through hoods that's poverty stricken and see niggas pushing more snow than Bloomberg when the blizzard hit/ I'm Marty McFly minus Michael J and that older guy, just throw me the keys to the Delorean/ A square plus B square equals C snare/ gotcha staring at sounds, "poof" you see snares/ Copperfield and a mathematical strategist/ Dave Blane with waves in his hair and rap's Pythagoras/ Slopes and intercepts converted forms for savages/ relinquish the inadequate/ understatement is hazardous/ on a bored day sip propane and regurgitate/this my new wave, I'm on my fire-breathing dragon shit/ life's all about choice yeah u got the right to pick/ chill and sit or actors will summer salt; dramatic flip/ deep within a written frame, submerged in any given page, its basic instinct like Sharron Stone in a battleship/ unfortunately your the target for this archer/ for these flowing spirit bombs like Gotenz grandfather/ on the run with this exclusive shit/ depending on which booth I'm in/ the engineer could get get charged with harboring a fugitive/...


[Vithym] Verse 2:

Check how we play this season/ My art is more graphic than watching semen explode on your girls facial features/ Have you switch careers and break your team up/ Rob you for your food for thought and treat it like a snack for my brain to eat up/ I'm half-man, half-amazin'/ V-I is like a rap God that got rhymes and beats to embrace him/ He got the power to have galaxies trading places/ The stars fear him, planets fear him, the universe obeys him/ When he's mad, his body heat increases/ Which explains why you're wearing shorts and short sleeves in Winter season/ Heatin' up the cold air by his aggressive breathin'/ He didn't get crucified, he threw lightning rods at Jesus/ Burned the cross to ashes, now tell me what you believe in?/ Even if you answered, you didn't tell me the meanin'/ Now you're thinkin' I'm some bastard snake from the garden of Eden/ I got you feelin' some type of way; gargle my nuts and please them/ Danger danger, I infest your inner ear/ I'm equivalent to crystal meth; understand me crystal clear/ Know that I'm a spit till death, even if life interferes/ When I drop, you hit the deck; Apocalypse-the end is here/ People judgin' me/ Now they're saying I'm more offensive/ Than stereotypes of black people loving Watermelon/ Others view me as a poet full of story tellin'/ I'm Vithym, put that on my grave when my corpse is smellin'/ See I need the mic/ Like a nympho needs to pipe/ Like a writer needs to write/ Like Crack needs the white (coke)/ I'm black on the inside but my feature's European like/ Dig deeper and you'll across a beast inside that's been neglected like a common form of child maltreatment/ You can't handle this like a Rodney King beatin'/ You're better off tryin' to cut your wrist while sleepin'/ Better yet, overthrow Satan in Hell with wild demons/ I focus on the real, while you follow every trend/ You're trapped in intense fear like a side effect of Mescaline/ Hello 2011; Goodbye 2010/ You left me single with psychotic thoughts and a deadly pen/...



released January 1, 2011
Verse 1 written by Frank M. Moore
Verse 2 written by Osvaldo F. Lopez



all rights reserved


VITHYM Bronx, New York


1/4 of P.A.C (PullinAllCards), RDACBX member
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