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Speak what you feel


Verse 1:

The light’s dimmin’/ Seconds later I’m trippin’/ Nobody wants me, I see my shadow at a distance/ As I get closer, I watch it get more distant/ What it got against me? Fuck it I’m against it/ Maybe it’s the different scene’s seen in our vision/ Can’t forget the vivid sickest things (things) I’ve committed to/ Since the age of 14 me and my little crew-/ had dreams of MC’ing on the old 1’s and 2’s/ By the age of 18, I got ridiculed/ Not only by people, but the man in the mirror too/ I’ve done things that every little kid shouldn’t do/ The outcome were flashbacks, feeling miserable/ Turned Atheist/ No Faking this, the time in church man I felt like I was wasting it/ Bittersweet lifestyle, get a taste of it/ My passion became a victim of my laziness/ It happens sometimes in this thing called life/ Where you don’t think twice about the girl you call wife/ Ya’ll met a night ago, and the first night, ya’ll piped/ Better hope you didn’t turn a hoe into a housewife/

Chorus 2x: Speak what you feel/….Speak what’s real/

Verse 2:

There’s a cut on your heart/ I can feel it too/ Are we connected as one?/ I think I’m feelin’ you/ Spillin’ feelins to a two day typical heart broken dead love that left my heart split in two/ That's two pieces that turned into two parts of the mind/ It made me stronger, I function fine/ I rolled with the punches after a couple of times/ Convert it through my soul into a bunch of my rhymes/ When doves cry, that means hundreds have died/ One life to live/ Live it up to the sky/ Matter fact, you gotta live it up till you’re the first person alive to ever touch God, comeback all in one shot/ I never done that, wasn’t a fun cat/ Just sat home screamin’ out “Fuck that!”, then put on tough acts/ Tried to be something that I wasn’t, but who hasn’t?/ We been through that stage, but a few passed it/ You live and learn, but some don’t have it mastered/ They live without living life/ They live in blankness/ We all live in the world that’s going through changes/ What happens next in my life?/ I’m feeling anxious/

Chorus 2x: Speak what you feel/…Speak what’s real/

Bridge: If you knew everything about me, would you let me speak?/ Everyone has things about them that they can not say/ But I give you this, I give you that/ I give you my all/ Skeletons knocking on my closet door till the day I fall, and it goes-

Verse 3:

I have secrets in my closet I can't speak of/ And no its not about coming out the closet either/ I use to hate myself; I was always fighting demons/ I feel like a fade out, but alive when I'm dreamin'/ Funny thing is I don't even get enough sleep son/ Disliking my reflection had me barely eatin'/ Random thoughts flew by with suicide thinkin'/ The same question popped up "Why we're all breathin'?"/ Then it hit me like a stray bullet from a soldiers weapon tearing through little kids in the middle east region/ The reason why we're breathin'/ Is for the mark we'll be leavin' on the planet before we vanish to what ya'll believe in/ If that flew over your head/ Read the lyrics as you listen; if you're still misled/ Then, live a little longer and you'll see what I'm talkin' bout/ I was given a path and I'm a walk it out/ Till I reach the place I was destined to be/ The book closes, now I'm resting in peace/ Make a difference in the world, try to end the disease/ that got everyone divided; Let us be free/


released January 17, 2011
Written by Osvaldo F. Lopez



all rights reserved


VITHYM Bronx, New York


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